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  • How can I create a hyperlink to ReX from my website?
FYI - We have had thousands of visitors and over 50,000 page views in just the first two months the site has been "live". 
To link to ReX, please download this image to your computer (by right clicking on the image and selecting "Save Picture As").  You may be able to increase or decrease the size of the logo once it is on your computer.  Then simply copy and paste it from your computer into your website where you would like it and "right click" on image to add a hyperlink back to  Thank you for supporting ReX through your link and please let other groups know about this feature.
  • How can I help as a volunteer?
Help is needed in reaching out to builders, tradespeople, caretakers, architects and realtors involved in the community who have "stuff" to get rid of that others might benefit from.  Help is  needed in contacting businesses and individuals through emails, direct mailings, postcards, flyers and other means.  If you would like to help improve ReX for the benefit of the entire community, please contact Karen Alence at  A few hours a week could really help make a difference.
  • How long will my posted item be "active" on the website?
Listings stay on the website for 30 days.   If you sell an item, simply log in and delete it under "My Profile".
  • How do I delete my listing or change my account settings?
Simply login and go to "My Profile" and change listing information as needed.  There is a delete choice next to each item posted.
  • How do I donate to charity?
Simply choose this option in your listing, sell your item, and send the charity a donation.  Our list of charities is as comprehensive as we could make it and if your favorite charity is not shown, please contact us and we will add it to the list. 
The donation you make to a charity is based on the "honor system" and if you indicate that some of the proceeds will go to a charity, please send your donation directly to that charity.  Most charitable donations are tax deductible.
  • How do I change my password?

Log in and go to "My Profile", then simply change your email or password or both, then save the changes.

  • How do I load a photo with my ad?

When posting a listing, at the bottom of the listing page is a photo upload section.  Simply find the photo on your computer hard drive and click on it to upload.  You can add up to 4 photos.  Check your listing once posted to make sure the photo has loaded properly.


How do I set up a wishlist, or add to a wishlist, for my charity, organization, or school?

The 'wishlist' listing feature works great for non-profits and organizations such as schools and teachers in individual classes.  If you have a 'wishlist' of needed supplies, then post them on our website as 'wanted' and include your class and group in the descriptive text.  Start by going to the 'post an item page', click 'wanted' from the drop down next to 'This item is...', continue with the listing, putting your phone and/or e-mail contact, and be sure to describe your class in item description (ex. Ms. Smith's third grade).  When you get to step 4, select your school or organization from the drop down list under charities and click the button which says 'I represent the charity listed above'.  This will automatically put your request on a wishlist page.  To get to the wishlist page, click on 'Donate to charities' and at the top of the page, click on 'see wishlists of all local charities'.  The supplies that you need could very well be out there in the hands of someone who is trying to find a deserving place for them.

If you have any questions we should add to this FAQ list for the benefit of other users, please contact us and we will add it as soon as possible.